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Spa Valley CBT and Counselling offers a therapeutic relationship that demystifies your emotional and psychological distress and breaks patterns of unhelpful behaviour

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Hello and welcome. I’m Sarah Eva.

I am based in Tunbridge Wells.

We seek counselling when we or somebody we care for encounters distress. One in four people experiences psychological distress at any one time which suggests such vulnerability is a common occurrence and intrinsic to being human.

However, I believe that not all suffering is part of the human condition; in fact, some of it is very unnecessary. We often tell ourselves shameful, blaming and self-critical stories that compound our suffering. The good and important news is that research proves counselling can help to identify the unnecessary. A therapeutic counselling relationship enables us to safely explore the stories and subsequent beliefs that we have developed about ourselves, others and the world.

I provide counselling to adults and adolescents. I am trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which recognises that events in our past may have shaped us. It focuses on how we can change the way we think, feel and behave in the present.

It teaches us how to overcome negative thoughts which, in turn, impacts on the way we feel. This, ultimately, enables us to break unhealthy patterns of destructive behaviour that often lie at the heart of our distress. This approach is especially effective with depression, anger, anxiety (including panic disorder and generalised anxiety disorder) and relationship difficulties.

I also offer EMDR therapy which is especially effective when working with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other trauma. There is much evidence to suggest this approach is effective for treating anxiety and depression too.

BACP accredited