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About Julian Haw

I have been in the financial services industry in South Africa for nearly three decades, before which I was in business. I am a Chartered Secretary (ACIS) and a registered tax practitioner with the South African Revenue Services (SARS). I have been arranging the formal emigration of clients since 2001.

In 2008, SARS changed the tax laws allowing formal emigrants to access 100% of their retirement annuities at any age. I realised that there was a large number of people who had left the country and written off their retirement annuities and decided to use my tax expertise in assisting former South African residents to access their own cash. This money could be from retirement annuities, inheritances and any other funds or investments which remained in the country.

I control operations worldwide from my Brisbane office ably supported by Glynnis and her staff at the South African clearing centre in Durban. We can arrange the following services:

For more information, please contact me so that I can make an assessment of your particular situation.

Why use Julian Haw?

My area of expertise is in helping you to complete the required emigration formalities. This process includes obtaining forms from SARS, the bank and SARB, preparing your supporting documentation and liaising with all of these institutions. If you have already emigrated I can arrange the maturity of your retirement annuity. This includes re-activating your SARS account, re-opening your blocked account, etc. Approximate fees are AUD2,500 (ZAR26,500) to arrange your emigration, which includes arranging for the maturity of your retirement annuity.

This amount is only payable when the assurer has paid the proceeds into your South African blocked account ready to transfer the proceeds to you.

Whether you have R100,000 or R10 million, I will charge you a set fee, rather than a figure based on a sliding scale, because the volume of paperwork is the same. This fee will be lower for amounts below R100,000.

It is interesting to be aware that it may be better to retire rather than withdraw the 100% of your retirement annuity if the value is more than R800,000. This is because of the different possible tax scenarios. Please contact me now.



“Once again, thank you so much for all your hard work in getting everything across the line. The efficiency at which the process was managed was amazing and forever will be appreciated.”

— W&DN of Auckland, New Zealand
August 2014